“I’m a Latinx woman, writer, passionate for crafting, food enthusiast, backyard gardener and your average book worm. 

Oh yes, and I’m a mom!

I am from the Bay Area (Northern California) and now live in NOVA (Northern Virginia) with my husband and two beautiful daughters. 

While I love to squeeze my little ones with lots of love, kiss every boo boo, and sing all the memorized Disney songs- mama needs a break to just be me! Sometimes I want to break free and just talk about the reality of self-care, married-life, mom-life, work life- everyday issues. Ya know? The chisme (gossip).”



0C5F9943-BF64-4EC6-9715-07388100B247“I am a mother to a beautiful baby girl. I currently reside in L.A.

I know all things coffee while working as a supervisor for Starbucks! I am also an expert in all things Disney (it’s quite an obsession, actually).

While advocating for the environment, I am also introducing a healthy vegan diet to my baby girl. My passions are painting, jamming out to Britney Spears and *NSYNC, and spending time with my little one. 

As a new mom, I love to experience all the new things. I am enjoying every minute of it but it can be overwhelming as a single mom. I can’t wait to connect with all the mamas!”


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