We Are All in This Together!

By: Crystal Alba

We are all in this together!

Turns out that High school Musical may have been ahead of its time?

We took this month to get to know some of our followers and some inspirational moms that are all experiencing Back-to-School differently. Some mamas have been taking their lemons during these uncertain times and making lemonade. Others need the extra encouragement, AND THAT IS MORE THAN OKAY! We strive to make others feel empowered with their little ones in tow!

We engaged with three moms this month virtually via google meet, text or email and we are so grateful for their personal back to school moments they were willing to share!

Virtual Learning:

It can be frustrating and it can be energy-draining to be in front of a computer all day every day. It’s hard to see our kids upset about going to school in person to see friends. Others become unmotivated to sit in front of the screen. It can be hard but we are all in this uncertain time together. Teachers have been amazing with being understanding that not all children want to be behind a screen all day. There has been a great collaboration of parent involvement and emotional check-in from the schools. Thankfully, most schools have included a break system for children.

Jen Kathrina- Anne
Founder/ Creator-The Haute Mommy Handbook

As we focused on learning different experiences from others, we got to meet and talk (virtually) with Jen, digital creator of The Haute Mommy Handbook. She’s a great-spirited mama from the Bay Area in California. She is a mom of two and finds herself getting along with the virtual learning system set in place by the state. She has organized her children’s learning to include many breaks and limit screen time when they are out of class. Incorporating family time is important to her and her husband so they take the time to cook together and be outside. When virtual learning was first implemented, she felt skeptical about her daughters being in front of a screen but fortunately the school system in their San Francisco area has shown an effort to give their students enough breaks throughout the day to avoid a burnout!

As parents are helping their children with what they can academically, all children really just need a support system.

While virtual learning can be frustrating, Jen has kept her head high and has been a great support system for her children as she makes herself available for her children’s needs. She finds herself making her living room the “virtual learning room” while she “tip toes” around them to be there for moral support and being an emotional check-in. Her attitude on quarantine and the new virtual learning system is very much positive, so much that it inspired me to look at virtual learning differently.
“You can either make it work and find a way to spend quality time or you just end up resenting eachother” – Jen

Speaking to Jen was so insightful as she finds the fruit in what most people have been finding “the worst of times”. Despite the wildfires, quarantine, and a new learning system, she has flipped the coin to see that spending time with her family is a good thing!


As 2020 gave all parents a glimpse of what homeschooling can be like, it’s fair to say that all teachers, including homeschool, deserve a holiday and raise! 

During quarantine, many parents were given a different perspective pertaining to homeschool.  Homeschool raised many questions regarding socializing and parents being able to tailor to their children’s needs.

We spoke to one of our fellow moms and got a delightful insight on homeschooling! Jessica, wears many hats when it comes to her family- being a mom first, wife, Freelance editor, owner of her own proofreading company and homeschool teacher! She is enjoying her homeschool experience as she tailors to her daughters learning, “My daughter can learn at her own learning level which is not limited by grade level or any other students. She also gets to explore topics that are of interest to her.”

Jessica Berry
Owner of J. Berry Proofreading

Jessica enjoys reading with her daughters which has become a huge part of her daughters learning experience. Her knowledge on homeschooling has inspired me so much that I picked up a couple of helpful resources that she uses. These resources have been so helpful when teaching my own daughter how to read. 

When she’s not homeschooling, she enjoys time with her daughters out in nature. Each of her daughters enjoys being outdoors and journaling what they see! While both of her daughters are home with her, she has been open to guide her daughters to make their own choices. As she leaves room for their independence to thrive, her oldest daughter has chosen to continue school virtually with her peers. While she supports the choices her daughter makes, the only challenge she faces is “waking up earlier than what it felt like normally.” Jessica is the epitome of patient and adaptable when it comes to homeschooling and any learning experience. She’s also allowing her little girls to make their own choices which makes room for strong, and independent women! This super mom is making these learning experiences happen despite social distancing, moving and renovating their house! Kudos to you mama! 

Have a piece you’re working on and need some proofreading? Check her out here!

Changing the perspective:

While these uncertain times can be hard, looking at the positive outcomes can lift us up. We love hearing the experiences that these uncertain times have given us! 

Yesenia Rodriguez
Author of Lani Rae’s Marvelous Hair

We are signing off with one humbling mama that has created a positive experience during quarantine and virtual learning! Her name is Yesenia Rodriguez from Riverside, CA. Due to the pandemic, Yesenia stopped working but she persevered! With inspiration from her daughter and work as a cosmetologist, Yesenia wrote and self-published her first children’s book called, Lani Rae’s Marvelous Hair. Her book is such a whole-hearted story that raises awareness of childhood cancer as she writes about a little girl who decided to cut her hair and give it to her friend who becomes ill and loses her hair. Not only did she take the time during quarantine to bond with her daughter but she showed her how to stay positive during uncertain times and rise above it all!

California has been going through a rough time aside from COVID-19 with wildfires and dangerous air qualities. However, that hasn’t stopped Yesenia to continue activities with her daughter which includes hiking, trying new restaurants and playing board games. While her daughter stayed independent during virtual learning, she continues to provide the support she needs.

Yesenia’s positive vibes were so warm and contagious. Things happen for a reason and we truly believe our meeting was not a coincidence, we engaged on social media at the right time. As we engaged on social media and email, we asked what changes have been made for her if any? Her response was so modest as she wrote, “I worked as an educator at a local community college and I had just recently begun substitute teaching at 2 different school districts. I also worked some weekends doing special occasion hairstyling. Now I am at home a lot more often than I used to be. I recently found my daily planner and it was so notable, the contrast between what my days looked like in January and February to the rest of the year. Now,  I do not even need to use the daily planner. It is nice though, the time we get as a family. It really is a blessing amongst the uncertainty. I have found many silver linings throughout this pandemic. There have been many more good things than bad when you really look at it. Not to take away from the fact that people are struggling, I feel for all those who have lost but I think many of us can look at the blessings.”  

We are so glad that social media introduced us during these times because we all need some positivity in our lives! 

Check her book out on Kickstarter.com!

Cheers to that!

Making changes is not easy but knowing you’re not alone makes your experience a little more manageable. We got this!

We love supporting all moms! As we continue to thrive in empowerment together, we invite you to reach out to a fellow mama and/or teacher to see how their experiences with school have been lately. A simple question can dive into a sea of positivity! 

Thanks for tuning in this week!

Have a story? We’d love to hear it!

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