Treat Yo’ Shelf!

By: Crystal Alba

It’s happening! The virtual learning, the homework, the chaos!

It doesn’t have to be chaos though! Most schools are implementing reading time as a way for kids to disengage from technology and we think it is absolutely AMAZING to see kids reading.

As we are affiliated with Usborne Books & more, here are a few picks that M.O.M.’s think will be a great add for your kids!

Nibbles The Book Monster

Such a great book for the little ones if they like interactive and funny stories. This book gives a new, creative twist on fairy tales with its outstanding details!

Beast Feast

The cutest story about how a tough dinner decision turned into a friendship between a monster and a little one.

*spoiler alert: One of them is the dinner!

Secrets of the Rain Forest

Have you ever read a shine-a- light book??

This fun book will make you want to turn out all the lights in the house with the magical secrets hidden in every page. Don’t forget to bring your flashlight!

All Better!

A fun way for your kids to learn about the importance of cleaning their wounds! Best part- they get to play Dr. and heal the characters!

Bee makes tea

Any mamas with first time readers? This book is perfect for them with the simple phrases and CVC words that are implemented and aimed just for a rising reader! Aside from the phonics, the story is engaging and simple for little ones to follow and want to know more!

Spanish Titles!

Spanish speakers?

These interactive titles will be sure to have you kids engaged and learning! Each of these titles are not only fun packed with flap-tabs, but they’re non-fiction books that will even have YOU learning something new with your kids.

Qué es la caca?- What is poop?

Mares y Océanos- Seas and Oceans

Qué es la Luna?- What is the moon?

Ready to get yours?

Click the link below and you’ll be able to see all these titles plus more!

How about some free books?

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