Self-care: Activities

Of course taking care of yourself is an obvious part of self care. What about your interests? Those are what make you, well, YOU! Here are a couple of our hobbies:

Crystal’s Green Thumb
Finding some alone time can be hard. However, I’ve resulted in making my alone time early, before my kids wake up or after they go to bed. Some days it’s reading, or weaving tapestries, but most of the time I like being outside to meditate and garden. Being out in nature makes me feel at peace.

I was taught the art of gardening at a young age. My family lived on a farm with hardly any socialization. As I got older, I began to detach myself from gardening due to my active social life. When I moved to the city, gardening was the last thing on my mind. I became so distracted by city life that it soon created stress. I became irritable and felt trapped in the everyday cycle of urban culture. I didn’t notice the effects of this lifestyle of course until I had my first daughter and we moved to the suburbs. We were fortunate enough to get good jobs and buy our very first home where there was enough land to have a vegetable garden. Thus began my journey of my “green thumb” that I inherited.

Enchanted- that’s the feeling you get when you start seeing the seed you planted suddenly sprout. I remember being so mesmerized with the fact that I literally created a life.

I, Crystal Alba, contributed to the cycle of life! Your seed gets bigger until it produces food for you and your family. It’s empowering. It’s bad ass!

Now, I’m passing the torch as I teach my daughter how to garden and the importance of growing your own food!

Planting a seed:

  1. Get a planter (it can be anything)
  2. Fill with soil
  3. Poke a hole in the soil- about an inch deep
  4. Put your seed of choice in the soil
  5. Cover seed with soil
  6. Water- just enough for the soil to be noticeably wet
  7. Then, you wait 🙂

Make sure your seed has plenty of sun and water everyday. Before you know it, you get a seedling and it’s time to repot it or put it in the ground.

Onion seed

Placement of your seedling depends on the season you’re in or room you have for the plant to reach full maturity. 

Sweet Basil at peak maturity

My favorite plant so far is basil because I love me some pesto sauce! 

Do you have a green thumb? Comment on your favorite things to grow!

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