Self-care: Skin care

Being a mom can be very glamorous and luxurious like a day at the spa or drinking a French pressed coffee on top of an early day hike—said no mom ever. While it may not be a vacation, being a mom is by far the best way to share your time here on earth. Whether you are a new mom or a 5 kid veteran, it is important to take care of yourself, momma. You are amazing and deserve to feel & look amazing!


It can vary from regular tap water to coconut water, which is filled with natural electrolytes. Or you can eat your water. Yes! You read that right! Fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, and cucumbers are filled with water to help you to stay hydrated. I know, I know drinking water is a given but it is a must for energy, glowing skin and overall, health. 

To the breastfeeding moms—drink water like your life depends on it because it actually does. It’s not just yours, it’s your babies. Remember, you can’t produce liquid gold if you don’t have any liquid, ya know?

Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle.”

-Stephen Curry

I never thought that having a baby would be so life changing. For instance, pre-baby life- I collected makeup, skin care, hair products and spent numerous hours watching YouTube on how to improve my overall look. Eventually, I became a master at the winged eyeliner and I was proud of my luminous skin. I became even more proud when I received compliments. My face, pre-baby life, looked amazing without any face products. 

After I gave birth, my life changed for the better but EVERYTHING changed. This once makeup hoarder downsized to a small cabinet. While I don’t take my sweet time doing foundation, I still value in keeping up with skin care. A few minutes a day aids to make me feel better. I found that if I feel better, I’m happier. Therefore, I feel like I’m a better mom. Like I said, I changed my priorities so my makeup and skin care to just the vital. I do want to note that I have an oily/ combo skin. With that said, let me go ahead and share my tips, and recommendations! 

Have we mentioned, DRINK YOUR WATER?

Yes? Got it? Yay!

M.O.M.’s Simple skin care routine

Step 1: Go ahead and wash your face with your favorite products. I love using Pacifica brand—it’s affordable, great quality and best of all, cruelty free. Pat dry and start with a spritz or 2 with a moisturizing spray.


Step 2: Toner. It goes underneath the skin to remove any dirt left. Honestly, time is limited and this step helps if I didn’t fully remove my makeup. 


Step 3: Serum. This is my golden ticket! Moisturized skin is key in better-looking skin. I simply don’t have time anymore to do my 10 step face routine. (Not just because of quarantine.) So, I buy quality serums because of this. I feel like it gives my face a glass of water-my skin looks and feels hydrated. 


Step 4: Moisturizer. Adding this layer to your face and neck makes it feel hydrated (and beautiful.) It really is the icing on the cake. I can’t speak for you but I enjoy this step. It’s the “ahh” moment after applying. 


Anyone else have a collection of lip balms? My lips are always dry so it’s no surprise that I’m constantly using some kind moisturizer on my lips. After I slap that on, BAM! I’m looking and feeling fresh.

For those few glorious minutes, I feel like me again! Not “mom” me but “me” me. I do this in between either changing into a fresh shirt or while I let my toddler daughter watch another rerun of “Masha and the Bear”. Sometimes I feel guilty for letting her watch a little extra screen time. But as a single mom, I forgive myself in these cases because I need that time for me. I believe if I am ok then in turn, my daughter will have a better mom. I do this most days, ideally right after a shower. 2020 has proven to be a weird year for everyone and it’s affecting many mentally. Doing something simple such a small skin care routine helps my mental health and I hope that in hearing my routine, you are inspired to make your own skin care routine for a little getaway- at home, of course! 😉

Leave some skin care products you love in the comments below!

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